Game Developer (Unity3D)

Work Type: Full Time
Game Developer proficient in Unity3D, focused on programming captivating and seamless games.

- Design and implement game mechanics, features, and functionalities in Unity3D.
- Develop modular, clean, and optimized code using C#.
- Apply strong mathematics skills (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, matrices) to solve in-game challenges.
- Integrate basic physics principles to enhance gameplay dynamics.
- Collaborate with designers and artists to achieve the desired visual and interactive elements.
- Utilize debugging and optimization skills to ensure smooth performance.
- Familiarity with Git for version control.

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Game Development, or related field (or equivalent experience).
- Excellent programming skills, especially in C#.
- Proven Unity3D experience with a portfolio showcasing projects.

- Skilled in debugging, analyzing performance, and optimizing Unity projects for publishing.
- Strong problem-solving capabilities.
- Proficient in math and physics, applying them to game development (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, matrices, vectors, logic).
- Ability to design scalable and modular code architectures.
-Mastery of Unity game engine, including project setup and various modules (physics, animation, UI, rendering, audio, etc.).
- Self-motivated and proactive, takes ownership of tasks and sees them through.
- Solid grasp of object-oriented programming and data structures from a game developer’s perspective.
- Familiarity with 2D and 3D art and animation software is a plus. Like Spine, 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
- Experience with additional Unity packages, third-party integration (multiplayer, databases), and
- Familiarity with various game-developing domains and technologies, including 3D/2D art software, different game engines, and programming languages beyond C#.
- Familiarity with project tracking tools like Jira, Trello, ClickUp, etc.
- Passion for gaming and player engagement.

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