Game Designer (Match Three Game)

Work Type: Full Time
As a Match 3 level designer, you’d create engaging and challenging game levels, balancing difficulty and enjoyment. Collaborate with the development team, design puzzles, and ensure levels align with the game vision. Stay updated on player feedback to refine and enhance the gaming experience.

Requirements for Match level design resource:

Tool Knowledge:

-Basic knowledge of Unity3D
-Familiarity with text/code editor tools
-Proficiency in source control tools (Git/Github)
-Basic scripting and syntax knowledge

Game Level Design Knowledge:
- Experience playing multiple games similar to Candy Crush, with proficiency in over 300 levels
- Understanding of match-three game progression
- Creative thinking abilities
- Passion for game design and a keen interest in playing mobile games

- Proficiency in game design principles and methodologies

- Craft captivating and challenging game levels for our magical match three-game
- Balance difficulty levels to ensure players are both challenged and entertained
- Collaborate closely with our development team to bring Hogwarts to life in the digital realm
- Design intricate puzzles that will leave players spellbound
- Ensure game levels align seamlessly with our overall vision for the game universe
- Stay attuned to player feedback to continuously refine and improve the gaming experience.

High level requirements:
  • Creative Design Skills: Ability to generate innovative and entertaining puzzle concepts that fit the game’s theme.
  • Understanding of Game Mechanics: Proficient in comprehending and manipulating game mechanics to create diverse and engaging levels.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to design levels with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication to convey ideas clearly to the development team and respond to player feedback.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with artists, developers, and other team members to integrate level design seamlessly into the overall game.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and incorporate feedback into iterative design processes.
  • User Experience (UX) Knowledge: Understanding of player psychology and the ability to create levels that offer a satisfying and enjoyable user experience.
  • Data Analysis: Basic knowledge of data analysis to assess player behavior and optimize levels accordingly.
  • Time Management: Efficient time management skills to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality level designs within the development schedule.
  • Passion for Mobile Games: A genuine interest and passion for mobile gaming, especially in the puzzle genres.

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